Chavura Membership List Online -- access instructions


Our Membership List with addresses, phones, and emails is password protected.

Get there by going to the Chavura website at http:/

Beneath the logo, you'll see a row of links to the main pages in the website.

Click on ABOUT US.  You'll see the link to the membership list at the lower right of that page.

When you click on "Members," you'll see a dialog box asking for your user name and ID.  I've taken the liberty of creating them for you, as follows:

Your User ID to this page:

        is the first part of your email address

o   (if your address is "," then your ID is "zeus314")

o   if the membership list holds two email addresses for your household, then both those email addresses are listed as separate IDs; both can access the list

Your Password to this page:

        is  "cbc" + your zip code (don't type the quotation marks)

o   (if you live in Somers, your password is "cbc10589"

This means that each of us has a unique User ID, but many of us share passwords.

         The computer doesn't care.